snickydoody whoopdeedoos

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(photo credit: k*sco studios)

you may remember a few weeks ago i made the amazingly delicious snickerdoodle blondies by the brown eyed baker (aka BEB).  they were so fantastically yummy that i named that post ‘best sweet treat ever.’  to say i love them does not come close to how i feel about them.  so it should come as no surprise that late at night, i was dreaming about them.  and in my dreams, i imagined snickerdoodle blondie dough transformed into cookies….then i imagined BEB’s to-die-for vanilla buttercream frosting sandwiched between two snickies…..then i thought, hmmmm….could i really pull this off???  i thought about it for about a week.  then a couple of days ago, i decided it was time for my baking experiment.  i whipped up the snickerdoodle blondie dough, then used my 1 1/2 Tbsp scooper to scoop up the dough.  i rolled each cookie into a cinnamon/sugar mixture, then dropped them onto an ungreased cookie sheet.  it’s a good idea to stick the pan of cookie dough in the fridge for a few minutes before baking.  it helps the cookies to not get too flat & crispy, which i do not prefer.  (was that too many negatives?)  anywho…i baked the cookies for 12 minutes and they came out perfect.  i don’t normally toot my own horn, but in this case, it’s definitely necessary.  so after the cookies were cooled, i made BEB’s vanilla buttercream, which is for reals the best frosting i have ever had.  no doubt about it.  crazy easy and so fluffy.  ya just gotta make it.  then i scooped up the frosting, shoved it into a quart size ziploc bag with my spatula, snipped off a corner, and squirted little clouds of heaven onto the snicks, and of course, topped them with more snicks.  i was downright giddy that these came out perfect.  so giddy, in fact, that i decided to name them ‘snickydoody whoopdeedoos!’

we had our friends, stephen & sara, over for dinner that night and i was redonkulously excited for them to partake of my creation.  they did not let me down.  watching them scarf my babies down was so wonderful.  they both shared several quotes about the joy of eating the whoopdeedoos.  and now i will share those quotes with you…

‘it’s like heaven in my mouth.’
‘it’s like eating an angel.’
‘these are absurdly delicious.’
‘i’m going to eat all of them.’
‘more please.’
‘this is so freaking good.’
‘the cookies are so good and the frosting is so good and together my mind is blown.’

i don’t know if i can explain to you how happy hearing all of this made me.  one of the main reasons i love to bake is just to see the look on my friends’ faces when they bite into something scrumptious.  it seriously makes me so happy.  those are some of my proudest moments in life.  to know i have made something with my hands, shared it with people i love, and have them experience joy whilst indulging.  ahhhh.***


(photo credit: k*sco studios)




  • Desiree

    Gorgeous and delish!

    • confectionsandmusings

      thanks d!!!

  • Krista

    I’m just going to have to make these!

    • Krista

      I made them–super good!