orange chocolate cake with orange buttercream frosting

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(photo credit: k*sco studios)

for my family’s birthdays, i always offer to make them whatever sweet treat they desire.  last week my dad turned 61!  his request was for either a chocolate & caramel cake or a chocolate & orange cake.  i’ve done chocolate & caramel before, which is delicious, but i wanted a challenge, so i picked the chocolate & orange.  i searched for recipes for days, and just wasn’t very satisfied with my findings.  i almost made Ina Garten’s orange chocolate chunk cake.  but that didn’t seem like a traditional birthday cake to me….i really wanted to make a layer cake.  after studying several recipes, i decided to wing it, and make my own version of chocolate & orange cake.

i made the chocolate cake i always make, but added the zest & juice of 2 oranges (the juice was subbed for the boiling water).  i do have to say that the juice changed the texture of the cake slightly….and i did have an issue with one of my layers sinking a bit in the middle.  but frosting covered that up without a problem.  i again chose to make my favorite BEB vanilla buttercream frosting….but instead of vanilla, i added the juice of 1 orange and the zest of two.  magnifique!  i was pretty pleased with the outcome.  in fact, there may have been a little too much orange flavor for my taste.  i especially appreciate all of the orange bits in the frosting…so pretty!  i’d say he looks pleased.***